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Desert Plein Air Association: Our 3rd Annual "Paint the Desert"


The awaited Awards Reception was held last week. What a delightful afternoon for everyone, infusing energy into representational paintings that beautifully capture the allure of our Sonoran Desert! With over 125 attendees, showcasing 110 landscape and "Paint the Desert" competition plein air paintings. We are grateful for the support of our Sponsors: Palm Springs Life Magazine, Golden Art Supplies, Holbein Artist Materials, Blick Art Materials, Williamsburg Art Supplies, Randy Higbee Framing, and Plein Air Magazine. We are also grateful for this collaboration with Artists Council and the support from Annie Reutinger, Steve Revis, and Artists Council's Board of Directors.

 This exhibition was evaluated and judged by esteemed and recognized experts: Steven Biller, Editorial Director, Palm Springs Life Magazine Crystal Curtis, Director, Jones & Terwilliger Gallery George Stern, George Stern Fine Arts Daniel Foster, Curator

2024 Desert Landscape Awards

Best of Show: Sarah Krzesowiak: “What a View”

2nd Place Raymundo Valdez: “San Jacinto Mountains”

Honorable Mention David Wolfram: “Pioneertown Porch”

Honorable Mention Deborah Newman “Mission Courtyard”

1 st Place Elaine Mathews: “Shumway Chaparral”

3rd Place Peter Justl: “Haboob”

Honorable Mention Snake Jagger “Super Bloom”

Honorable Mention Suzy Voss “All in the Family”

2024 “Paint the Desert” Plein Air Competition Awards

Best of Show: Jessica Fan: “La Quinta Palms”

1st Place Kathleen Strukoff: “The Stardust”

3rd Place Nita Harper: “Sea of Sand and Sage”

Honorable Mention Don Krotee: “Native Fan Palms”

2nd Place Lorraine Marie Cote: “Oasis Trailhead”

Paint the Desert Second Place_edited.jpg

Honorable Mention Joyce Trinh: “Prescott Preserve in Palm Springs

Honorable Mention Greg Wallace: “La Plaza Talk”

Honorable Mention Joe Dietl: “Palm Canyon"

Our Festival Sponsors

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