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 Geoffrey Allen
"Desert Impressions" 

Two-Day Watercolor Plein Air Workshop 
Tuesday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 15th

 La Quinta Cove Oasis Trailhead


This workshop is designed for all levels. All beginners and masters practice the fundamentals which this class will emphasize. 


The goal of the workshop is to review techniques and procedures of improving your plein air painting  by focusing on visualization, simplification, and editing while accentuating expression, mood, and atmosphere. No subject is perfect but can be improve by playing with design strategies.


Through a series of exercises and Geoff’s step by steps demonstrations, the class will practice seeing value, connecting shape, and capturing light and shadow. 


Through a mix of indoor and outdoor demonstrations, Subject matter will range from landscape, waterscape, and cityscapes. Even though the scenes change, Geoff will take the class through the same process of creating a strong expressive design.


Cost: $275

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